Bootlegged Events Bar

Based in the heart of the Sussex, a new kind of mobile bar...

Bespoke bar service

Large events tent, fully stocked bar, furniture, and decoration

Fully stocked - bar and booze Free*
All the gear - none of the beer £1200

*Fully Stocked - Our most popular option. We bring the bar, the staff, our tent and its furnishings. Guests purchase their drinks from the bar. For this service we will set a minimum spend for the event. Pre-paid options are available.

All the gear - None of the beer: Similar to the fully stocked bar but you provide the beverages. These can then be sold to guests or we can run it as a free bar. This service includes expert stocking advice.

Contact to Book

Rent our beautiful canopy and equipment

Set up and pack down service included.

Tent (10 x 12m) £800
Black Ground Matting £100
Furniture £100
Festoon Lighting £100

A security deposit is included in the price.


Three friends brought together with a vision...

With a combined 20 years in the industry, we specialise in creating a bespoke experience for all of our revellers.

"Bootlegged Events Bar", named after a bygone era of prohibition and Speakeasies. During a time of disunity in the USA, the speakeasy became a melting pot of culture, race and religion. Banning alcohol brought forward an unlikely union of people from all walks of life.

With a good time as our focal point, we hope to bring the excitement and atmosphere of the Speakeasy to you.


Classic Bar Package

A timeless selection of wines, beers and spirits with some fizz for the golden hour. We'll take care of glassware, ice and garnish.

Peroni £3
Spirit + Mixer £4
Wine £4 £5
Prosecco £4.50

Sussex and Surrey Package

All locally sourced beverages, because no place drinks like home. Working alongside local producers such as Silent Pool, Hepworth, Darkstar (to name a fraction of our local friends).

Darkstar Hophead £4 / Pint
Silent Pool Gin + Mixer £5
Local Wine £5 (small) £6

Create your Own

As drinking fashions change, so can we...
We are happy to source drinks from the world over or create a menu dedicated to a certain potation.

Prosecco Bar
Craft Gin Bar
Craft Beer Bonanza

These menus are suggestions only and can be tailored to your exact whims. Brewery beers will usually be served on tap.


Written for each other, by each other...


Our self proclaimed alcohol expert, Tequila to Mead, he'll find what you need. A past purveyor of wine and peddler of craft spirits, he'll traverse the country to find your tipple of choice.


Logistics manager and handyman extraordinaire. Crafter of our bar. Specialties include fixing the things we break, meticulously overloading the van and constantly looking out for improvement.


In charge of the serious bits, from licensing to taxes. She spends her days keeping the boys in check. Danny still doesn't know her real name, Dom apparently only found out on their wedding night.


Contact us here to book for your event! We'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Setup will be done the day before so please be available for this.